What’s my house worth? 

Whether you’re thinking about moving home or remortgaging, one question you are likely to need the answer – What’s my house worth? Or ‘What is my home value?

It is not easy to sell a property when you’ve lived there for years and now thinking to put a price tag on your family home. Will somebody else will recognize the hours you spent on your home Deck with your family and friends or the weekends you spent with your children in your backyard? Unfortunately, potential buyers may see things differently?

Thanks to internet and free online tools available to cipher the worth of your property. First home estimates are the local council valuations which are done by the local council every 3 years but the downsize is council don’t take any improvements into account. If you live in Auckland you can check the property valuation in Auckland council records. 

With online research you can gather a lot of information for free. Homes.co.nz and Trade me property insights provide useful information on property valuations These valuations are based on the recent sales of the comparable homes in the neighborhood. I recommend you to refer any articles on google how to use trade me property insights and this is going to help you to buy or sell a property anywhere in New Zealand. 

Trade Me Property Insights and Homes.co.nz have a large amount of home database, including rateable value data, previous sale prices, size of the property, land value etc. Their estimate service is built on a complex set of valuation models and a wide set of property features. While these sites valuations are useful, but they don’t show the real picture. They can’t take the condition of your property into account and they may not recognize any improvements you might have made and good to be used as the starting point in determining the home value.

These online websites do not consider the condition of the house and owners cannot update the details of the house, yet there are couple of ways to combat this. You can start working with the real estate agent. West Auckland property is the leading and trusted property website to supply the free property appraisal of your property in 24 hours anywhere in West Auckland. Barfoot.co.nz and Harcourts are the leading real estate agents in New Zealand.


Real estate agents use the online tools to determine the worth of your property. They generate the CMA based on the agent’s real-time, local area knowledge, what similar properties have sold for and the condition and features of your own property. They consider the condition of the property such as whether the property has been painted recently or it is in despair. 

The Real estate agent will take a look of your house and identify its (USP) unique selling propositions, such as morning sun, desirable schools in your area and other features that buyers like. It’s important to note that you may get varying CMA ranges from real estate agents as they may each take a divergent perspective on your property that you will then need to consider.

The last is option is to pay the registered valuer and they can provide you the actual worth of your property. This service will cost you some dollars but more accurate and reliable option. what option you choose to get the market value of your property, you will get the value only if buyer is willing to pay you.


To know your free property worth send the property details such as address of home, Number of bedrooms, Car parks etc to West Auckland Property and licensed Real Estate will contact you and provide the home worth. Fill the GET APPRAISAL FORM and West Auckland Property will answer for your question WHAT’S MY HOUSE WORTH

You can book 30 mins free appointment to know more about your house worth with our West Auckland property local agent. Your property appraisal is free and no obligation to Sell your property. There is no property access required to send you the CMA.