Marketing your property

An effective marketing strategy will target the right audience for your property and will include the right mediums to target prospective buyers. This could include online portals, signboards, newspapers, email marketing and social media.

Our marketing services includes –

  • Marketing the Houses
  • Marketing New Sections
  • Marketing Commercial Property

Selling with us

Selling your property often marks a new chapter in your life and with that comes excitement, uncertainty and, in some cases, stress. Choosing the right agent to sell your property with can therefore be a big decision.

At West Auckland Property, we have been focused on delivering timely and impressive results for our clients for almost fifty years. We pride ourselves on the local market insight while being backed by the most productive real estate network in the New Zealand. Whether your highest bidder is located across town or across the Country, we make sure we exhaust every possible avenue in seeking the highest price on your property.

How West Auckland property works

West Aucland Property works for you. We understand that no property is ever the same. Factors affecting the sales of your home can include current market conditions, neighbourhood, regional zoning etc. just to name a few. As a real estate agent, we aim to simplify the sale process by consulting with you every step of the way and provide you with a marketing strategy unique to your personal circumstances. Licensed Real Estate agent will navigate you through this process and provide recommendations around –


Preparing your home for sale

First impressions count so increasing the initial appeal of your property is paramount in attracting potential buyers. When it comes to your home, you will most likely know its best features.A real estate agent on the other hand will have insight into current trends and buyer preferences. Based on your unique circumstances, they will be able to advise on any easy yet valuable improvements that can be completed prior to sale that will help increase the appeal of your home.

Selecting a method of sale

By far the most popular method of sale, private treaty involves setting and adverting a price on the property. The advertised price will usually reflect the current market value and can be negotiated between the seller and prospective buyer.

Private Treaty

Determining the right method of sale for your property is a crucial aspect in setting up a successful sale. In achieving the highest sale price for your home, in the shortest amount of time, an experienced agent will help you to weigh up the benefits of each method of sale.


The auction marketing program is extremely focused and gives a property high profile while attracting the broadest possible buyer audience.

Auction brings serious buyers to the property, where they look at the product rather than the price.

For the seller, the auction marketing approach provides a greater sense of control over the selling process. Property owners are the decision makers on price, length of settlement and time on market. They are also empowered with market-derived feedback and can review their program based on this information.