Thinking of selling your home and WANT TO KNOW HOW TO CHOOSE REAL ESTATE AGENT?

If you’re thinking of selling a house or you want to know the value of your home, you need a real estate agent who can give you business insights and let you know the value of your home in the current market conditions. This article will give you the exact information you need before you start looking for a local agent. 

You may be shocked to know that there are over 5,000 agents in New Zealand, and looking for the right person to do the right job in itself is a tedious operation. Don’t worry, you ‘re with me, and I’m going to help you find the best sales person for your house. You can also get a list of real estate agents in your city.

If you need to know the particulars of the approved Real Estate agent, this information can be found on the REA website 

How to pick a REAL ESTATE agent AND how long it takes to find the correct agent

How to choose real estate agent

Choosing the right property professional could take just 30 minutes to 1 hour of searching on the internet or in your neighbourhood, but what I’ve noticed is that most property owners are struggling to find the right person and making the following top 5 bugs where things go wrong at the beginning.

Owner ‘s emphasis is on the CMA price spectrum. Owners choose to pick a salesperson who can give them the best price. An agent has his or her own viewpoint, and they could send you a separate, comparable market estimate. One very popular thing I’ve seen is that people are after the top agent in their area. They don’t know that top real estate agents are usually busy when they work for a lot of houses in the same location, and they do not spend time on your home. You can get more details of property appraisal here.

Agency Commission – Relying more on the agency commssion than on sales expertise is another aspect when things go wrong.

Free promotion or some other pit made by the handler.


How to choose Real estate Agent - contact

You can find the property agents and their profile on the realestate.co.nz website if you choose to deal with a certain firm and only you can check them on the company’s page below.

West Auckland Property





Now, you’ve heard a lot of what you can’t do, and I don’t imagine you ‘re going to make the same errors. It’s time to think what you can do to give you a good outcome.

Only ask yourself three questions below.

Where will you start searching for a real estate agent in your local area?

What is your home worth?
Is the salesperson in your head the best representative for your home to be sold on the market?
What kind of strategy are they trying to use?

ANswers TO the above questions - Top TIPS

If you know the answer to the above questions and are sure about it, then you are welcome to go and list your house with the right property consultant. If you don’t, maybe you need to spend a bit more time here.


Response to the first question is as follows:
What’s the importance of your house. You will get some preliminary numbers from the internet analysis at no expense before you start talking to a real estate agent. Please link to my post, ‘What is my house worth?’ This is going to help you give you the house valuation.

You can check the CV of your home at Auckland council website and know the sales figures in your area at homes.co.nz

See the sales agent to inquire for the following questions.

CMA – Ask for a comparative business study, CMA offers the house’s price selection. Make sure you assign more weight to the houses sold in your area than to the price index of your house in CMA.

What’s your house’s USP. USP is an integral aspect of determining the importance of your home

How creatively Salesman’s going to sell the building. What marketing technique is Real estate agents going to use to sell your property?
What kind of selling options is he going to consider selling the property, and why? Any of you may not be aware of purchase choices such as Auction, Contract, Fixed Offer, Tender. You may have a disagreement with him or her when deciding the form of selling.

I hope you enjoy my post and look forward to working with the real estate agent of your choice. The last suggestion I’m going to give you is to deal with a salesperson you can trust. Using the aforementioned method, and I’m pretty sure you’re going to get the results for your benefit.

What kind of strategy are they trying to use?

Is it constructive or is it reactive. Normally, top agents take a constructive attitude. What does that mean? This ensures that they have a list of buyers in their database and notify interested buyers for your hpuse. Reactive agents are typically only reliant on OPEN HOMES. It means that they regard the customers who come to open houses only.
The second advice you need to note is the professional competence of the property salesperson. How strong are they when it comes to digital marketing?
Listing property on the biggest platforms, such as trademe.co.nz or realestate.co.nz etc., is not the only possible option they can do, so they will have create email campaigns, Facebook marketing, or some other social networking. There are thousands of listings in the big real estate directories, and you need to make sure that your listing is visible to the purchasers.
The best way to get the high price of your property is to attract as many potential customers as possible, either through an agent network or through media ads.

Blog Written By – Amit Tuteja (Licensed Real Estate consultant)


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How to choose Real estate agent


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